Tether | Urban Empire | Sundered (Indie Game Riot – Ep. 117: Interview w/ Mark Gregory)

An interview from creator, Mark Gregory.


Tether is a sci-fi horror game about sacrifice and parenting

“Taking a more contemplative approach, then, Tether appears to portray its horror through isolation and self-reflection”


Keep mum: Tether is a sci-fi horror about motherhood

“I like it when sci-fi games are happy to let you dander around and soak up an oppressive atmosphere.”


Making it in Unreal: How Tether takes from the best of immersive sims

“Using Unreal Engine 4, they’ve already developed a prototype that pulls on the robust systems and reactive traditions of the immersive sim genre.”


‘Tether’ a very promising UE4 first-person adventure game will be coming to Linux

“It’s not often a trailer leaves me begging for more, but ‘Tether’ ticked all my boxes.”


Deep Space Horror Tether Releases In 2017

“The small team at Freesphere Entertainment hopes to push narrative boundaries with a story inspired by a personal experience from the studio lead’s life.”


Indie thriller Tether attaches itself to Steam Greenlight

“Of all the possible horrors associated with being stranded alone in space, it’s perhaps the terrors of the mind that are the most dangerous.”