Tether is a dark sci-fi adventure game set aboard a derelict spacecraft in an apocalyptic near future. The player controls Lesleigh Hayes, sole survivor of a failed mission to save Earth from ecological devastation, as she struggles to salvage humanity’s hope for survival and grapples with her decision to prioritize the doomed expedition over her family.

Blending cerebral science fiction with subtle, psychological horror and deep, personal themes of parenthood, intimacy, and duty, Tether offers a cosmic, character-driven narrative experience. Deep storytelling, immersive interactivity, and rich atmosphere combine to create an enveloping and deeply original game world that rewards exploration and curiosity.

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Good luck to everyone showing off their cool @UnrealEngine games at @EGX Rezzed this week. 🙌🏻 https://t.co/2PgMUOgh2x

@michaelherauf many thanks Michael. New trailer currently in development as this one is nearly 6 months old, lots of progress since then 😊

It's taken 9 months to get to this stage but the team has learned an incredible amount. So stoked to get this in front of people #TetherGame