What if saving your family meant you could never see them again?

In 2068, the crew of the UEF Sonne left their homes and embarked for Mars on a mission to save Earth from ecological collapse. The mission failed, culminating in a disaster that warped the very fabric of space and time.

Now, trapped aboard the nightmarish vessel and pursued by a malevolent presence, physicist Lesleigh Hayes grapples with the guilt of leaving her family as she fights to salvage mankind’s hope for a future. Her quest for redemption will take her deep within her own past to confront the choices she made, as a scientist and as a mother.

Remember: the past dictates the future. Choose wisely.

Key Features

Bend Time to Your Will
Use experimental technology to freeze and rewind time within a dynamic environment, encouraging creative solutions to problems. But beware, playing with time has consequences.

Every Choice Matters
You will shape Lesleigh’s past and future through the decisions you make. The fates of her family and crewmates depend on your choices.

Face the Darkness
Match wits with a powerful and dangerous being. Use stealth, lay traps, and do whatever it takes to survive.

Play Your Way
Every problem has multiple solutions. Hack systems, slink through vents, scavenge for gear--the choice is yours.